The buy out kept Filipovski at Banvit

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Aris Barkas

14/Jun/17 13:43

Saso Filipovski had a deal with Galatasaray, but a last minute dispute on his buy-out from Banvit changed everything and Erman Kunter got the job.

By Semih Tuna/

Galatasaray announced the signing of coach Kunter for next season and Filipovski remains – for the moment at least – in Banvit because Galatasaray didn’t want to pay half of Filipovski’s buy-out.

To be exact Galatasaray and Filipovski had agreed that half of the buy-out would have been paid by the coach and the other half by the club. In the eleventh hour Galatasaray changed its position and informed Filipovski that he would have to pay himself the whole buy-out to Banvit in order to be able to leave.

After this turn of events, the deal was off, Filipovski was not willing to pay the buy-out himself and Galatasaray decided to sign Kunter.