The “cold war” between Obradovic and Ataman continues

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Aris Barkas

13/Feb/18 12:16

One more chapter was added in the quarrel between Zeljko Obradovic and Ergin Ataman today.

By Yiğitalp Kalkancı/

The two men met in the press conference for the Turkish Cup Final Eight and they were asked if they are going to shake hands before the game, after everything that has been said and done between them during the last two weeks.

Both men didn’t mention the name of their opponent. Obradovic‘s answer was the following: “We want to speak on the court. I hope my team will be ready for tomorrow to show their best performance. I am not part of this whole situation. I have been coaching for 26 years and not only in Turkey but in all Europe. I showed respect to everyone. I will continue to do that. But if someone does not respect me, I do not respect that person. For me, this issue is closed”.

Ataman added: “I have said my opinion about this subject at the press conference after the previous game. Fenerbahçe Dogus’ coach said “no comment”. This time I say “no comment” and I am closing this subject”.