Omer Onan: “I hope that Trabzonspor will be in the league too”

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Aris Barkas

10/Aug/18 11:31
Ömer Onan

While the financial crisis in Turkey is hurting the second division. BSL, the top division, held their draw for next season and there’s hope that the top clubs will not face any major financial issues.

By Bugra Uzar/

With Eskisehir being already replaced in the BSL and in total three teams of the second division shutting down, Omer Onan addressed the issue of the financial woes in the BSL draw for the upcoming 2018-19 season.

The former player and current Turkish basketball federation CEO said: “There are some rumors about Trabzonspor’s pulling out from the league. Yesterday we met with Trabzonspor’s management, together with TBF president Hidayet Turkoğlu. I believe that they can solve their problems, they are trying hard. I hope they will be in the league too.”

Trabzonspor is still trying to figure out a way to pay last season’s debts, the dive of the Turkish lira is the main issue behind those debts, but with the help of the TBF it seems that the club will ultimately be able to be part of the BSL.