Ergin Ataman: Ali Koc instigated threats against me

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Antigoni Zachari

09/Jun/19 18:26

Following the first final between Fenerbahce and Anadolu Efes, Ergin Ataman warned that he will not go to Ulker Arena if threats against him continue to take place.

By Bugra Uzar /

Ergin Ataman spoke to the press following Efes‘ defeat in Game 1 of the Turkish League finals about receiving threats from Fenerbahce fans, instigated, as he mentions, by Ali Koc.

The Fenerbahce President has made a statement on how Ataman is “the last person to talk about fair play“, following the Final Four in Vitoria-Gasteiz, and a tidal wave of reactions by fans followed.

“I’ve been exposed to this (curses) by this group of fans for the last 10 years. In Spain, they swore from beginning to end of the final. So I reacted enthusiastically. This reaction was not Fenerbahce community. I replied to those insults with the current adrenaline that I was having that moment. Fenerbahçe president is an instigator with his statements”, commented Ataman.

The profanity has shocked Anadolu Efes‘ coach, who has made it clear that he will not go to Ulker Arena if these threats continue. “I have received hundreds of threats and profanity through social media. I have heard blasphemy and insults in such a way as to be ashamed of humanity. It is Ali Koç who has determined them. I will not go to the Ulker Arena if this continues”.