Who’s the best coach of the season in the Euroleague?

02/May/16 11:19 May 2, 2016

Nikos Varlas

02/May/16 11:19


Eurohoops picked the 6 candidates for best coach of the season with our own criteria and asks you to choose the Mastermind of this year’s Euroleague!

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By Nikos Varlas/ varlas@eurohoops.net

In recent years the Euroleague has established the best coach of the season award, which is announced in the summer and until now, as a rule, goes to the coach that has won the trophy.

Eurohoops thought that it’s very important to reward the coach with the best and most productive course from the start of the season, until the end of the playoffs! The sample is very big and because not all the clubs have the same budget or the same quality in their roster we think it’s important to see which coaches did a great job this year, regardless of whether the trophy goes to them or not!

The criteria are simple and comprehensible for everyone. The first, the overall course of the teams, how far they went and the quality of basketball they presented. The second, the level of difficulty of the undertaking and the path every coach has traversed, something that depends on the budget, the manpower, the quality of the players that the coaches have at their disposal and several other similar factors.

The 6 candidates

Based on this simple combination of criteria, we’ve picked 6 coaches that we believe deserve to enter the equation and the conversation regarding the best. Four of them are getting ready for the Final Four (Zeljko Obradovic, Dimitris Itoudis, Georgios Bartzokas, Velimir Perasovic) and the group is supplemented by two coaches who are not going to be in Berlin but who did an excellent job and succeeded in making great leaps this year! Andrea Trinchieri and Dejan Radonjic.
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