The All-EuroLeague Second Team

03/Jan/18 19:21 January 3, 2018

Aris Barkas

03/Jan/18 19:21

The first 15 rounds of the EuroLeague have been completed and now the sample is large enough to make some solid conclusions. Eurohoops, with the help of specific criteria, presents the All-EuroLeague Second Team so far!

By Giorgos Orfanakis /

The top 16 teams in Europe compete every week in front of basketball fans with the common goal of getting as far as they can in the competition.

The big protagonists are of course the players themselves! Some were disappointing, some satisfying and some others shined on the court. These last ones make up the All-EuroLeague Second Team at the end of the first phase.

The criteria for the final selection were the following:

  • Performance: A player’s individual performance and the degree to which he met the demands in terms of what was expected of him.
  • Role: The role each player has in his team and the extent to which the team can cope without him on the court.
  • Subjective view: When we’re dealing with the best of a bunch of players, there are always many objections and disagreements. As is normal, the subjective criterion is what directly affects the final decision.

So, taking into account all of the above, Eurohoops presents five players who stood out in the first half of the regular season and earned a spot on the All-EuroLeague Second Team.