The Top 10 backcourt duos of the new EuroLeague season (POLL)

02/Aug/18 12:05 August 2, 2018

Stefan Djordjevic

02/Aug/18 12:05

The countdown for the new EuroLeague season has begun. Eurohoops examined the rosters of the 16 teams as they have been formulated so far and presents the best backcourt duos in the competition.

By Giorgos Orfanakis /

A little over two months have gone by since the day Real Madrid were crowned European champions and basketball fans are already looking forward to the start of the new season.

The first jump ball is set for October 11 and until then the various transfer moves and friendly preparation games will be at the center of attention. Several clubs have already materialized the greatest part of their transfer plans, which means that the first conclusions regarding the strength of the rosters have been made.

Eurohoops asks the fans to vote for the best backcourt duo of the new EuroLeague season. Take a look at the presentation (random order) and pick those who will form the biggest… nightmare for rival defenses.