The NBA in the EuroLeague: The former NBAers of every team

04/Aug/18 10:15 August 25, 2018


04/Aug/18 10:15

In recent years, the NBA has opened its doors wide for international athletes and, as a result, more and more players leave the EuroLeague to join the best league in the world. Eurohoops, however, chose to present those that took the opposite route…

By George Orfanakis /

The new EuroLeague season is shaping up to be extremely competitive since the 16 teams have made some strong moves in the transfer market and, as a result, they have created some powerful rosters.

Several clubs, in fact, chose to invest in players from the other side of the Atlantic who are returning to Europe or trying their luck outside the USA for the first time.

Eurohoops looked for and presents here all those EuroLeague players who have at least one game in the NBA under their belts. They are more than what you might imagine…