The Top 10 EuroLeague salaries

06/Aug/18 13:10 August 6, 2018

Dionysis Aravantinos

06/Aug/18 13:10

Eurohoops presents the top 10 EuroLeague salaries.

By George Orfanakis /

The upcoming Turkish Airlines EuroLeague season is near and will be packed from stars that have played in the NBA, or changed EuroLeague teams this off-season.

The signings this summer have been really interesting, and the team’s front-offices understand that if you want to sign the best available players, you have to pay a lot of money.

Thus, Eurohoops presents the top 10 EuroLeague salaries. 

*The reported sums are the net salaries. Due to the various tax laws in Europe, it’s hard to calculate the gross amount of each contract, and in many cases, the tax is almost equal to the net salary. Furthermore, the Euro is not the official currency in countries like Israel, Russia and Turkey. That’s why many of the EuroLeague deals are made in US dollars. In order to avoid confusion and to have an easier comparison to NBA contracts, we calculated all the salaries in US dollars.

Alexey Shved – 4,000,000 $

Alexey Shved is one of the best players in Europe, and Khimki Moscow Region knows it very well. The MVP candidate has the talent and the skills to elevate Khimki and make the Russian team a Final Four contender. This is also the reason as to why Khimki’s front office pays him almost four million dollars a year.

The Russian guard is an NBA worthy type of player, as in his past he has been part of four different NBA teams (Timberwolves, Sixers, Rockets, New York Knicks). In the 2o18 off-season, he examined all of his options and eventually decided to come back and play for Georgios Bartzokas’ team.

The salary Alexey Shved gets paid tops every other EuroLeague player.