Former EuroLeague players still looking for a job

04/Nov/20 17:06 November 4, 2020


04/Nov/20 17:06

The EuroLeague is back but not all of the players we saw last season. Eurohoops remembers the players who are still unclaimed.

By Evangelos Papadimitriou /

The EuroLeague is back, with several difficulties. COVID has made things difficult for teams, players and the organizers, and several games have already been postponed.

Even so, the 18 teams are offering excellent entertainment after 6 rounds, showing they’re on the right track to return to perfectly normal competitive rhythms.

There aren’t many new faces since the NBA didn’t help much this season, with most transfers being… internal. But this doesn’t mean that important players we saw last season are playing again this season for a team in the league.

Or in any team!

Eurohoops picks out the most characteristic names of the 2019/20 season that are still without a team, even though November is already here.