Top 12 European NBA Draft prospects

12/Mar/21 17:45 March 12, 2021

Stefan Djordjevic

12/Mar/21 17:45

The future of European representation in the NBA could be in the hands of these 12 young men starting with the 2021 draft!

By Antigoni Zachari, Stefan Djordjevic /

It’s been said over and over again that the gap between Europe and the USA is closing year by year. With a record number of European players in the NBA in recent years, including six of them in the All-Star festivities this season, it would be safe to say that the Old Continent will keep feeding the NBA with new talent as the years progress.

We might still be far from the 2021 NBA draft, with no actual date still on the table, but it’s never too early to take a sneak peek into the names that will be on the spotlight in the near future.

Below you can find out a list of 12 players eligible to partake in the 2022 NBA draft. Mind you, not included in the list but a top-notch prospect to look out for is Nanterre 92 big Victor Wembanyama,  though he is not yet eligible to be drafted at the age of 17. Don’t get too disappointed though, the list includes some of the finest talents in Europe right now!

Let’s begin: