The Top 10 playoffs series in EuroLeague history

19/Apr/21 09:50 April 19, 2021

Antigoni Zachari

19/Apr/21 09:50

Eurohoops traces back to the 10 most exciting playoffs series in EuroLeague history

By Stelios Toromanidis /

Since 2001, the year Euroleague entered our life in its modern form, the playoffs system has changed quite a few times in order to optimize the product. The quarterfinals were first inducted to the product from the 2004-05 season onwards, first in the form of best-of-three, then in the form of best-of-five since 2009.

Up until the 2018-19 season, there have been 56 playoffs series, from which 15 teams have managed to grab a ticket to the Final Four through the years. Eurohoops picked the Top 10 series, based both on their exciting outcome and the level of difficulty for the teams that turned out to win the series in the end.