EuroLeague Transfers – 2021

22/Jun/21 11:00 July 13, 2021

Utkan Sahin

22/Jun/21 11:00

Eurohoops presents the 2021 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague transfers market file, updated daily.

By Utkan Şahin /

After getting through turbulent times caused by COVID and completing the season in EuroLeague, as well as the domestic front, teams have started to prepare for the upcoming campaign and there have been many changes to the roster already, as clubs look to take care of everything as fast as possible.

Just like every summer, Eurohoops has prepared a full transfer file for you to follow the movements of EuroLeague teams. In this file you will be able to see players who have signed with the 18 EuroLeague clubs, players who have departed, players whose contracts have been extended, as well as the roster of the players and the players whose contract will expire next year. The file will be updated daily, so keep it in your bookmarks!