EurohooPOD Ep. 3: Kyle Hines reveals this might be his last season

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Antonis Stroggylakis

11/Oct/21 18:13

Kyle Hines visited the EurohooPOD to talk about the upcoming (and possibly last for him) season, how improved is the new Olimpia Milano, ELPA, Vassilis Spanoulis and more.

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Four-time EuroLeague champion Kyle Hines hinted at the possibility that the 2021-22 season may mark the final chapter in the most successful career of  U.S. player overseas.

“This ultimately might be the last season of my career,” Hines revealed in a conversation with Antonis Stroggylakis and Antigoni Zachari for the EurohooPOD. “I’m not sure because there aren’t many 35, or 36-year-old American players still playing in EuroLeague.”

While Hines further elaborated on why this could be the final season of an unprecedent run and how he’ll enjoy it as if it’s his last indeed, he also mentioned that he could see himself continuing another year with Milano. “Me and coach [Ettore] Messina have a great relationship. My family really enjoys Milano. We enjoy the lifestyle here, we enjoy living here. I enjoy my teammates and the club so much, I enjoy the success we’ve had. If it was up to me, of course I’d love to stay here for as long as I possibly can.”

Listen to what Kyle Hines discussed about the mindset with which he approaches the upcoming 2021-22, why he believes that this Milano is better than the one of the previous season and the motivation and drive he carries from the previous year in episode 3 of the EurohooPOD .

Among other things, Hines, who’s also the First Vice President of the ELPA (EuroLeague Players Association) talked about the progress that the organization has done and his vision for its future. He particularly touched on how important is the security (with an emphasis on the financial and contract aspect) of European basketball players.

Hines took a look back at the two years he spent as a teammate of Vassilis Spanoulis, what he keeps most from the Greek EuroLeague great and how does he see him as coach.

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