Huertas climbing up the BCL all-time assist list

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Giannis Askounis

11/Nov/21 11:27

The latest solid Basketball Champions League showing for Marcelinho Huertas ranks him eighth on the list of players with the most assists

By Johnny Askounis/

Basketball Champions League lasting original and 2017 champion, Lenovo Tenerife went through a tough battle with Prometey on Wednesday evening. Marcelinho Huertas was instrumental in crunch time to avoid a rare defeat at Santiago Martin.

Huertas, 38, has enjoyed more than a fair share of continental club competition through the years. The BCL became his home after joining Tenerife in 2019.

He has since dished out 231 assists, including five against the champions of Ukraine lifting him eighth in the all-time list of players with the most dimes.

1. Dusan Djordjevic 313 67 4.7
2. Tamir Blatt 306 53 5.8
3. Rodrigo San Miguel 280 78 3.6
4. J’Covan Brown 276 57 4.8
5. Eugene Lawrence 268 48 5.6
6. Ferran Bassas 243 45 5.2
7. Mike Green 232 45 5.2
8. Marcelinho Huertas 231 33 7.0
9. Jordan Theodore 228 36 6.3
10. Axel Julien 219 40 5.5

The coast is clear for further improvement of the ranking. Except for the all-time leader Dusan Djordjevic of Filou Oostende, the remaining playmakers above him are not currently active in the Champions League.

The former Los Angeles Laker averaging seven assists per BCL contest is the best among the players in the Top 10. At this rate, he can eventually challenge Djordjevic by the end of the 2021-22 campaign.

In his latest solid performance, apart from connecting a couple of clutch three-pointers down the stretch, he also assisted Giorgi Shermadini in two late buckets to hold off Prometey. A very familiar Basketball Champions League connection was restored after the Georgian center missed the first three 2021-22 games due to injury.

The team based in San Cristóbal de La Laguna refused to drop consecutive BCL matches for the second time in team history. In addition, notched its eleventh straight home win in FIBA’s premier European club competition.

Photo Credit: Basketball Champions League