Biwenger ΕuroLeague Fantasy: Have your team ready!

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Alex Madrid

06/Jan/22 10:49

Only one game will be played this week but Biwenger continues.

By Alex Madrid /

The first round of the year is going to be… different. Eight of the nine games had to be postponed but the clash between AX Armani Exchange Milan and Zenit Saint Petersburg will be enough to keep Biwenger going. So, have your team ready!

Last week, we tried to build our team with players whose games were to be played. This round was simply impossible. Therefore, we created the best team possible for the moment the postponed games take place.

Going back to the match that will be played on Friday, we are going to make a couple of recommendations:

The Italians haven’t played in EuroLeague since Shavon Shields was injured, so someone will have to step up. Obviously, the reference players in the team are Sergio Rodríguez, Nicolo Melli, or Kyle Hines, but Devon Hall (26 million) is a very interesting option. Among the guys available on the roster, he is the third player with the most averaged points at home with 13.8.

The player to watch in Zenit is Billy Baron (13 million). Besides coming off his best game this season, with 32 Biwenger points, he averages 20.8 in the last four games. A luxury substitute.

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Below, you can see Eurohoops’ Fantasy team for the 19th round: