Vasilje Micic: “My goal is still going to the NBA. If not, Ι’ll stay in Efes”

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13/Jul/22 12:20

Vasilije Micic visited the Aegean Ball Fest in Syros and talked to Eurohoops about his future

By Achilleas Mavrodontis /

Vasilije Micic’s future is one of the hot topics of the 2022 offseason. The Serbian back-to-back EuroLeague champion and MVP has stated that he is ready for the NBA, though it seems like he’s moving closer to staying with Efes despite attracting significant interest among several NBA teams.

Micic, 28, recently joined the lineup of the 2022 Aegean Ball Festival in Syros and talked to Eurohoops about his intentions, confirming that he remains Efes-bound in case no deal with an NBA team arises.

“It’s nothing mystic or secret here. It’s about reality. I’m still showing a desire to go to the NBA,” Micic told Eurohoops. “I would like to try myself there, I would like to go there to see how is everything over there. Some things are not in my hands. I have some days left to make it happen, day by day. We will see. Otherwise, I will stay in Efes, but for now, it’s to go there”.

“I’ve been four years in Efes, I feel like I came there yesterday, because everything was so dynamic, so fast, and being able to achieve this result with the team is truly great for me. I love basketball purely, I dedicate a lot of things to basketball and for me, it’s not that big of a surprise. Definitely, people on the outside who follow basketball know I was struggling and this was also part of my career. Now I’m enjoying every moment”.

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