Top 10 scorers in the history of the Euroleague

10/Dec/15 13:42 December 10, 2015

Nikos Varlas

10/Dec/15 13:42

Eurohoops set the threshold of +100 participations as the sole and most fair criterion and presents you the list with the top 10 scorers on average in the history of the Turkish Airlines Euroleague! Six Europeans, three Americans, an Argentinian and 50% European Champions!

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By Nikos Varlas/

The Turkish Airlines Euroleague is the top basketball competition in Europe at the club level and it makes perfect sense that top scorers from every part of the world have played and are still playing in it! The style of game that is played, though, is such that it pushes even the most offensively charismatic players to adapt to their teams’ systems and to place the common interest above their ego, to absorb the unwritten rules of teamwork and to use their talent for the benefit of the clubs they represent.

This is the secret for players to become established scorers in top-class teams and to enjoy longevity in their careers and achievements. searched and classified the 10 players with the highest scoring average in Euroleague history. The criterion we set is designed to reward consistency and longevity; accordingly we selected only players who have competed in over 100 Euroleague games, which practically means that all of them have played at least five seasons – and three of them have exceeded 10 seasons on the Euroleague hardwoods.

The result is six Europeans, three Americans and one Argentinian on our list. They are all players who are charismatic at putting the ball through the hoop and have written their own history and five of them, aside from their individual achievements in scoring, have been crowned Euroleague champions!