Nigel Hayes-Davis on becoming EuroLeague’s “unanimous best forward”, Itoudis and Saras

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Antonis Stroggylakis

07/Feb/24 15:48

Nigel Hayes-Davis joined the EurohooPOD to talk about the career season he’s having, Fenerbahce’s efforts to make the Final Four, his individual goals, the differences between Dimitris Itoudis – Sarunas Jasikevicus and the memories his collecting from traveling Europe and meeting all sorts of interesting individuals.

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Fenerbahce Beko star Nigel Hayes-Davis won’t rest until he’s considered the “unanimous best forward in EuroLeague” as he explained to Antonis Stroggylakis and Cesare Milanti on the latest episode of Eurohoops’ EurohooPOD.

Hayes-Davis assessed the run of Fenerbahce in the 2023-24 season so far and emphasized why it’s important that he and his teammates enjoy the journey before making the Final Four. He broke down the differences between coaches Dimitris Itoudis and Sarunas Jasikevicius, the big lessons he took from the 2023 playoffs and an unhappy year with Barcelona and what he wants to improve in his already complete game.

An avid traveler, Hayes-Davis talked about his trips in Europe, the colorful personalities he’s met during his journeys, taking wisdom and life lessons from some unforgettable interactions with locals.

(1:53) Hot dog innovator, one of the best forwards in the EuroLeague, or traveler?

(3:03) Why Fenerbahce’s record could’ve been better

(4:27) Lessons learned from first-time experience of sitting out games due to injury

(5:44) Did “the tremendous addition” Amine Noua pay for dinner in France?

(7:36) Facing Panathinaikos in a sold-out OAKA

(9:33) Nigel Hayes-Davis’ biggest takeaway and most memorable sequence from the playoff series vs. Olympiacos (it’s not Sloukas‘ buzzer beater)

(14:18) Appreciating the journey that can lead to the EuroLeague Final Four before actually getting there

(20:22) Differences between Dimitris Itoudis and Sarunas Jasikevicius

(24:03) Has Saras changed between Barcelona days and Fenerbahce?

(26:28) Three-pointers can be like McDonald’s drive-throughs or fine dining

(29:20) The area he looks to improve in his game

(31:30) Which will be the new letter of Nigel’s trend on Instagram?

(33:57) Learning to live in the moment from a tourist guide in Skopje

(37:45) Heartwarming and touching interaction with a Georgian taxi driver

(42:13) Do you have to be bald first before becoming a great point guard (memo to Nick Calathes)

(45:20) Who would Nigel Hayes-Davis invite to a roundtable to talk about life?