Jaycee Carroll on Real Madrid, career-defining moments, witnessing Doncic’s rise

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Antonis Stroggylakis

05/Mar/24 16:44


Jaycee Carroll talks 10 years with Real Madrid, the biggest shot of his career, the reasons he never even thought of leaving the club, watching Luka Doncic develop from a kid prospect to a superstar and more.

By Eurohoops team / info@eurohoops.net

Jaycee Carroll, Real Madrid legend and two-time EuroLeague champion, joins the EurohooPOD with Antonis Stroggylakis and Cesare Milanti. One of the most elite shooters in EuroLeague history, Carroll, now a financial advisor, looked back at his career, the decision between Real and Barca, his most special moments with the Blancos, how he built such a strong connection with Pablo Laso and becoming the non-Spanish player with the most appearances with the club.

Carroll remembers when he first heard the name “Luka Doncic” and experiencing the star’s growth, explains why he didn’t spend the final season (2021-22) of his contract with Real Madrid, and the reason why he was always renewing early with the club.

The American sniper also talks about Chus Mateo, why he didn’t look to pursue a career in basketball after retirement, and names a night in 2018 that changed the course of the season, his best screener, all-time favorite triple, and who could be the “next Jaycee Carrol.”

(1:48) Combining owning a farm with being a financial advisor

(3:32) Coming back to Madrid for a special EuroLeague trip

(5:00) Thinking about coaching or being a scout – why turning the idea down

(6:56) Showing us Jaycee Carroll’s personal Mecca

(8:57) What did he learn from being a missionary in Chile in his teens?

(10:00) Which EuroLeague title felt more special?

(12:02) “We couldn’t beat Fenerbahce in 2017″

(12:58) 10 years under Pablo Laso

(15:40) Unpopular way of getting wins and titles

(16:52) The moment when Jaycee Carroll’s role was shaped

(18:50) Why he didn’t join Real Madrid for 2021-22?

(21:55) Rumors that he planned on retiring much earlier

(23:22) “Madrid is the place to be”, using David Beckham’s words

(26:36) Meeting a kid named Luka Doncic in 2012

(28:25) How they turned the 2018 playoffs around after a big loss to Panathinaikos

(31:05 ) When did he realize Luka Doncic was indeed a generational talent

(32:55) Addressing the pressure Chus Mateo had to go through

(35:25) Playing a club’s record 709 games as a foreigner

(37:30) Deciding between Barcelona and Real Madrid in 2011

(39:48) Did he feel was the best shooter in the EuroLeague?

(41:32) Who was the best shooter not named Jaycee Carroll?

(43:20) The impact of Felipe Reyes’… culo

(43:50) Playing with elite point guards: Chacho, Sergio, Luka, Facu

(45:37) Telling Dwyane Wade he was “the second-best shooter in the room”

(46:13) Who’s the next Jaycee Carroll?

(47:56) “I was an assassin, a killer”

(50:23) The biggest three-pointer of Jaycee Carroll’s career

(53:50) What he would like to be thought of outside of a great shooter?