Iffe Lundberg on big Virtus Bologna change, Denmark dreams and coach Banchi

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Antonis Stroggylakis

19/Mar/24 13:20


The EurohooPOD hosted Virtus Bologna guard Iffe Lundberg who had a lot to share with Antonis Stroggylakis and Cesare Milanti

By Eurohoops team / info@eurohoops.net

Virtus Bologna guard Iffe Lundberg visits Eurohoops’ EurohooPOD for a conversation with Antonis Stroggylakis and Cesare Milanti. The Danish guard discussed how Virtus became a Top 4-contending team in the EuroLeague, how Luca Banchi helped the players and the squad reach their potential and the reasons everything is different compared to last season.

Lundberg also addressed what took place last summer when he was told that he was “not part of the team” and how everything changed and he emerged as a crucial player for Virtus this season, especially in clutch moments.

“I don’t think I’ve taken a step ahead in that regard,” Lundberg said. “Perhaps maybe a little bit because I worked on my game during the summer. But in terms of my talent. I’m not more confident this season than I was last year. I’ve just had more opportunities to show my play and my game this year. I think a lot of people mistake confidence for opportunity because I’ve been confident in myself my whole life. I’ve put a lot of time and hard work into what I can do and my craft. I’m a person who whenever my opportunity and my name are called, I try to take advantage of it. Opportunity this season is bigger.”

“When it comes to those performances or ‘stepping up late’ in games, I’ve always liked the challenge of taking responsibility. I don’t shy away from those moments. Most importantly, my coaches and my teammates believe in me in those moments,” Lundberg added. “When you have the trust of everybody else it’s just easier to continue being myself.”

He also explained why the Italian side deserves a long-term EuroLeague license. “I definitely believe that this team should have a multiyear challenge for sure. You can see the impact it has on EuroLeague basketball. I don’t know how many games in a row we’ve sold out. We deliver a good product in terms of competing night in out, night out. Beating a lot of teams. It’s a great brand of basketball that Virtus presents. I obviously I hope that the club gets it [the license].”

Lundberg also answered whether would consider an offer to stay with the club. “I would definitely entertain it [a contract extension offer]. I like it in Bologna. I like the fact that this is a basketball city and my family likes it here. If everything falls into place and everything is in order then I’d definitely entertain it.”

“To be honest with you, I don’t think about an extension or a signing,” Lundberg mentioned. “I’m living in the moment. I want to help the team get as far as possible. My goal is trying to win the championship. I don’t want any distractions in my head.”

A trailblazer in his country’s basketball scene, Lundberg describes how he felt when he became the first Danish player to play in the NBA and the impact it had on the sport’s popularity in Denmark. He also discussed his goals with the Danish national team.

(2:11) Giving credit to Madrid after getting the road win in Bologna

(3:48) Heading to four-game road trips both in EuroLeague and LBA

(5:18) “You could feel the chemistry” early on in the season

(6:46) What works better this year compared to last season?

(8:15) Becoming a factor when the game is on the line

(10:25) From being told he’s not part of the team to deciding games for Virtus

(12:29) The “Babysitter Tweet”

(15:35) The powerful impact of “down-to-earth” Luca Banchi

(19:46) Discovering Iffe Lundberg along the way

(21:48) Was Virtus Bologna living a “deep psychological distress” last season?

(23:54) Accomplishing the first dream: Being the first Danish player in NBA

(28:55) Denmark isn’t your traditional basketball country, is it?

(30:50) Getting to EuroBasket 2025 “would mean the world” to Lundberg

(37:58) Would Iffe consider an offer to stay in Bologna?

(39:59) What is Virtus Bologna’s ceiling in the EuroLeague?

(42:01) What makes Bologna a basketball city

(43:30) Why should Virtus have a EuroLeague multi-year license

(44:33) Who’s the clutchest player this season in the EuroLeague?

(47:29) PalaDozza or Virtus Segafredo Arena?

(48:00) Hearing night in and night out “Iffe, Iffe, Iffe!”