Chris Singleton: Qatar, pericarditis scare, Ataman – Bartzokas, Efes, becoming back-to-back champ

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Antonis Stroggylakis

15/Apr/24 16:11

Two-time EuroLeague champion Chris Singleton is the latest guest of the EurohooPOD show

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Two-time EuroLeague champion Chris Singleton joins the EurohooPOD with Antonis Stroggylakis and Cesare Milanti. Straight from Doha, Qatar, Singleton talks about why he decided to continue his career there and not in Europe and looks at the basketball development in the country ahead of the 2027 World Cup.

Singleton opens up about the scare he had with pericarditis last year and how reports about his condition affected his options that summer. He praises new Efes coach Tomislav Mijatovic, explains why the 2023 Efes failed in the EuroLeague and looks back at how the team that won the 2021 and 2022 championships was created.

One of the best defensive players when he played in EuroLeague and a notable stretch 5 threat, Singleton also compares arguably the two most important coaches in his career: Ergin Ataman and Giorgos Bartzokas and reveals which one would he join again in similar team situations. He also picks the team that will win the 2024 EuroLeague.

(1:44) Chris Singleton: the most important non-Qatari player in the country’s history

(2:22) How did the Qatar thing happen for Chris Singleton

(3:09) The offers Chris Singleton had to stay in Europe

(5:15) Is Qatar preparing well for the 2027 FIBA World Cup?

(6:38) Balancing basketball with running his businesses from Qatar

(9:21) Being willing to play again in Europe if the right opportunity comes

(11:33) The pericarditis scare, how did it affect his contract options

(16:18) Tomislav Mijatovic still owes Chris Singleton some coffees

(19:30) Should Anadolu Efes continue with Mijatovic next season or try to bring in Xavi Pascual?

(21:35) Giorgos Bartzokas and Ergin Ataman: Comparisons, similarities differences

(24:35) Who would Chris Singleton prefer? Who would suit him the best?

(29:15) The last time Panathinaikos had home-court advantage was with him on board in 2018

(30:47) Going back to that huge Game 5 in the 2021 Playoffs against Real Madrid

(35:30) Why did the “SuperTeam” Efes fail in the 2023 EuroLeague?

(37:25) Moving to General Manager? “I’m around”…

(38:22) Does the EuroLeague need a Dubai expansion?

(42:55) Why Singleton loves players taking shots at each other on social media/interviews

(44:42) Is Will Clyburn still “The Best 3” in today’s EuroLeague?

(46:58) Anadolu Efes retiring jerseys from that back-to-back roster

(48:33) Were there any fake narratives about Chris Singleton in Europe?

(53:04) Who’s winning the 2024 EuroLeague?