Bobby Dixon vs Andrew Goudelock: Vote Now!

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Antonis Stroggylakis

02/Feb/16 16:00

Which of those two do you prefer and, more importantly, who is better for Fenerbahce?

By Eurohoops Team/

In modern basketball, especially in Euroleague some rules are constantly confirmed. Chemistry overpowers talent, mentality and correct game approach, dominates over individual efforts that tend to be selfish.

During the Summer transfer season, Fenerbahce took a decision that was heavily discussed, by showing the exit door to the top scorer (in total numbers) in Euroleague, Drew Goudelock. In his place, Zelico Obradovic decided to bring 33 year old Bobby Dixon, who was one of the main script writers of the Pinar Karsiyaka fairytale season, on the way to win the TBL Championship.

The Comparison

After 15 matches of Dixon in Euroleague we have a sufficient sample that allows us to compare Dixon’s game and what he offers to Fenerbahce, with what Goudelock did for the team. In last season, Fenerbahce finished with a record of 11-4. 8-2 in Regular Season, and 3-2 after 5 games in the Top 16. Now, the team has a 13-2 record, since it finished the Regular Season with the exact same number (8-2), but has a winning streak of 5-0 in the Top 16.

“Mini Mamba” finished the season with an average of 17 points in almost 30 minutes per game. He had 54.2% 2 point shots, 46.1% 3point shots and 75% in free throws. Also, he grabbed 2.2 rebounds, dished 2.1 assists, made 1.5 turnoers, 0.7 steals and had 14.4 PIR as his average.

Bobby Dixon, or “Muhammad Ali” if you will, has so far played 15 games, averaging 24 minutes on court. He has 12.3 points with 40.7% 2 point shots, 42.7% 3point shots and 90% from the free throw line. He also grabs 3.5 rebounds, 3.8 assists (4.6 in the Top 16), 1.3 steals, 1.5 turnovers for 13.4 PIR

At an individual level, Goudelock is ahead on scoring average and field shot percentage, as also in the Ranking System. However Dixon is better in every other part of the game.


Sometimes, numbers say the truth. But not all times! What observes, is that Bobby Dixon has a completely different approach than his informal predecessor, even though he is older than him.

He is more willing to sacrifice himself on defense, more opens to listen to everyone, to understand that he should do the things that the whole needs from him. There’s no doubt that both players are great in 1 vs 1 situations and that Goudelock was better in that department (being more “explosive”), as also in being a threat from downtown, even though they are both excellent shooters.

What matters is that Dixon has a greater, and more positive, influence on the team’s chemistry and effectiveness, which also happens because he mainly plays as a point guard, his natural position. Dixon is more… humble on the way he performs and he is mentally tougher. Goudelock has more talent, but at the same time he didn’t seem particularly fond of adapting his personal “Wants” on what the team and the Zoc needed and wanted.

Of course, the fans’ opinion is definitely one of the biggest criteria on who is better. So the question is simple: Which of the two American guard is better and more beneficial for Fenerbahce. Vote in Eurohoops Poll!

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