Bamberg: Guided by last year’s outstanding course

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Aris Barkas

23/Sep/16 13:52

Brose Baskets cannot aim for anything less than what they achieved last year

By Dimitris Minarentzis/

Brose Baskets cannot aim for anything less than what they achieved last year. They had the best season in their history but also generally the best season than any German team has had in the Euroleague, when they got… a hair breadth’s away from the playoffs. They did knock out Olympiacos though.

Their budget more or less ranges at the same level, maybe a bit more for a prudent club that doesn’t waste money and always plays in front of 6.800 fans. Which is as many as the number of season tickets…


The most important addition was that of Fabien Causeur from Baskonia, who is going to provide depth and solutions in different areas. For the point guard position they acquired the starter with the German national team (in light of the absence of Dennis Schroder in the quarterfinals), Maodo Lo, but how in the hell are they going to fill in the gap of Bradley Wanamaker? Surely, more weight is going to fall on Nikos Zisis and Janis Strelnieks. There’s also another important addition in the center position with Veremeenko.


Andrea Trinchieri has stayed on, of course. And… where else would he go? He led his team to consecutive successes in Germany and Europe, so he too has found his port even if there is no sea close to beautiful Bamberg.

They will be satisfied if:

Since the system has changed and there is no longer any Top 16, we believe that the people in Bamberg would be satisfied if they play to get into the playoffs and… on top of the world if indeed they reach the playoffs. Which is somewhat difficult though…

We are anxiously waiting to see…

If they are able to come out strong this year as well, then we will really be talking about a small miracle. We would like to see Daniel Theis’s progress, if Nicolo Melli remains in the top-tier of the Euroleague’s big men, but also Nikos Zisis having yet another big season in his considerable career.