Usual Suspects: Regular Season, Round 21

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Aris Barkas

05/Feb/17 20:29

Things are getting worse than ever in Europe, as the crime spree across the old continent is spreading. Nobody seems to be able to stop the perpetrators who work inside the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague gyms and there’s no sign of the stolen trophy!

By Aris Barkas/

Can this change? Many doubt it, because once more the five arrests which were made were futile. All of the alleged criminals are already released, even though three of them were more than familiar faces.

Lukas Lekavicius: The situation in the Baltics is getting out of hand. Zalgiris Kaunas is not an easy prey for anyone anymore and more and more hoodlums who want to make a name there are making every one else pay. He did it against FC Barcelona Lassa with 17 points, making 8 of 8 two-point shots. He was as ruthless as he was unexpected, and he is already a local hero, as Kaunas loves its outlaws.

Thomas Heurtel: Here’s one more criminal with an angelic face. He was among the first who got arrested almost two years ago and he was arrested for the same crime. He dished 15 assists against then, against Limoges CSP, and now he has done it once again, this time against the fearsome Crvena Zvezda mts Belgrade defense. Add also 12 points and you got the full picture of his hideous crime. He left the scene at Belgrade and was arrested, but he is already back in Istanbul, planning his next hit.

Ekpe Udoh: Everyone was expecting blood in the showdown of Istanbul between Fenerbahce and CSKA Moscow, and he was at the center of the mayhem. Despite being one of the leaders of his gang, he got his hands dirty with 15 points and 11 rebounds. This was the second time that Fenerbahce outdueled the Russians and it remains to be seen if this is a sign of things to come. Still no case was made against him.

Davide Pascolo: Many believed that the EA7 Emporio Armani Milan gang was dead. Well, think again. The Italians are trying to make a come back and with all odds against them, they have found new ways and new faces to make things happen. One of those, according to many eye-witnesses, is Pascolo. He had 15 points and ambushed unsuspecting Darussafaka Dogus Instabul. He lookes lanky and harmless, but he is always ready to do damage.

Erick Green: You may remember this smiling assasin from Piraeus. He was found in Russia this time, shooting down Unics Kazan. He scored big for Olympiacos Piraeus with 25 points, making 10 of his 13 shots and crippling the opponents. Every one knows at this point how dangerous he is, still this doesn’t change much. With the gang leader Vasilis Spanoulis absent, he did everything he should to get the job done, and with no remorse whatsoever.

Photo Credit: JPSportart