The individual records in the history of the Final Four

18/May/17 18:23 May 18, 2017

Aris Barkas

18/May/17 18:23

Eurohoops presents you with the Final Four records with some of them bound to be broken in Istanbul!

By Kostas Giataganas/

Since 1988, when the institution of the Final Four was established, there has been so much history and even more… numbers! With the help of the EuroLeague’s archive, Eurohoops presents the individual records that have made history!

What are the top performances in each individual statistical category, which player can break a record in the coming Final Four in Istanbul and which legends are in danger of losing the top.

This is the biggest question of all since many records still stand the test of time and as you can see Manu Ginobili is still among the names on the top of the individual records lists.