EuroLeague: The Top 3 small forwards

01/Jan/18 20:58 January 3, 2018

Aris Barkas

01/Jan/18 20:58

The end of the first phase! The 16 teams are exactly halfway through the season and Eurohoops singled out and presents here the EuroLeague’s big protagonists, based on specific criteria.

By Giorgos Orfanakis /

The sample from this season is now large enough: 15 rounds, 120 clashes and thousands of minutes of basketball, with the big protagonists often outdoing themselves.

Eurohoops follows up on a tradition that began last season and presents the Top 3 players in every position for the first half of the season. The criteria that shaped the final selection are the following:

  • Performance: A player’s performance and presence on the court in at least 10 games! His contribution in the different statistical categories and the degree to which he met the demands in terms of what was expected of him.
  • Role: How important is this player in the overall picture of the whole? How crucial is his role for the team, and to what extent can it remain at the same level without him?
  • Team’s course: It’s not enough for a player to have played well. He has to have guided his team on a decent course, according to the expectations that existed before the start of the season.
  • Quality: There are some players who belong to the so-called “top shelf,” with their value and quality seriously taken into account.

Subjective view: As is always the case in such matters, the subjective element has the final say. Besides, what could be better than conversations and arguments about basketball?

It’s the small forwards’ turn, among whom one comes across important “multi-tools” who play a key role in their teams and contribute in different areas of the game.