“What if?” Turkish Airlines EuroLeague jerseys

08/Jan/18 13:11 January 9, 2018

Aris Barkas

08/Jan/18 13:11


Everyone loves the jersey of their club, but what if those jerseys were even more representative of each club’s culture and ideas? “What if” has the answer.

By Aris Barkas/ barkas@eurohoops.net

Created by Romuald Coustre, former General Manager at BCM Gravelines Dunkerque, on November 2017 the “What if” marketing agency has already redesigned the jerseys of 11 French pro basketball teams.

And as Coustre explains the concept is simple: “Looking at French Basketball with fresh eyes, offering branding and design strategies to pro teams. What if we were inspired by the NBA ? What if we won’t consider basketball jerseys and uniforms only as an advertising process and medium. But much more as a way for a basketball team to talk about and promote its identity, history and brand”.

The French jerseys were featured on “L’ Equipe” and Eurohoops is proud to present the concept jerseys for six leading Turkish Airlines EuroLeague clubs. Give us your take on them!