The 16 EuroLeague home courts: Panathinaikos made of steel

11/Jan/18 18:31 January 11, 2018

Antonis Stroggylakis

11/Jan/18 18:31

One of the most important things for a team during the season is to… protect their home court.

By Stelios Toromonides/

Eurohoops puts under the microscope the home records of every team in the EuroLeague this season. Which team has the most consecutive wins to the extent that their home court can be described as an impregnable fort, when was the last time they were defeated and for how many days have they kept their home court intact?
The fans’ support, the quality and mentality of the squad, but also the circumstances, can transform a team’s home court into a real palace, one that is built on solid foundations that is hard to be destroyed by the opponent.
Despite this, when we’re talking about battles at the highest level in Europe, it’s normal that defeats often occur at home, since even the best teams are constantly competing and, in fact, in a heavy and grueling schedule. So, defending your home becomes harder, while a long run of consecutive wins is noteworthy.
Eurohoops recorded how many days have gone by since the last home defeat for all 16 teams of the EuroLeague so far and draws some important conclusions.
To avoid any misunderstanding, the choice of the time period we have covered is completely random, therefore some teams will be “wronged,” like CSKA Moscow who lost a few days ago to Lokomotiv Kuban when their last defeat was almost two months ago.
Before we start the countdown, it’s worth noting that:
       The holders of first place have a huge lead from those who are in second and are therefore rightly considered the best home team right now.
       Only two teams are undefeated at home for two months or more, which highlights the intensity of the competition.
       We refer to all the competitions a team takes part in and not just the EuroLeague.