Domestic Leagues rankings: Turkish and German downfall

07/Oct/18 15:00 January 16, 2019

Aris Barkas

07/Oct/18 15:00

For one more season, Eurohoops ranks the top domestic Leagues in Europe.

By Aris Barkas/

The summer of 2018 proved to be more than turbulent for European basketball leagues. While the sport is making progress on a continental level, the landscape of the domestic leagues changed a lot and most of the changes are not for good.

Compared to last season, it has to be noted that once more the Top 10 Leagues remain the same. Countries like Belgium or Poland which are missing the cut. Despite having some solid clubs, they are not yet part of the top level leagues. On the other hand, it’s obvious that the Top 10 can be divided into three tiers. Spain, VTB United League and Turkey are the three leagues which belong to the top tier. Italy, Greece, France, and Germany are the second tier, while the Adriatic League, Lithuania, and Israel are the third.

However, if something doesn’t change drastically it seems that Turkey is heading to the second tier, while the German ambition for BBL to be the top domestic league in Europe by 2020, can’t be a reality. Having said that, the differences between the 4th and the 7th league are practically minimal and the leagues which seem to be making real progress as a whole seems to be France and Italy.


  1. ACB Liga Endesa – Spain (-)
  2. VTB United League (+1)
  3. BSL – Turkey (-1)
  4. Lega Basket Serie A– Italy (+1)
  5. Jeep ELITE ProA – France (+1)
  6. HEBA Basket League – Greece (+1)
  7. Easy credit BBL -Germany (-3)
  8. Adriatic League (+1)
  9. LKL – Lithuania (+1)
  10. Winner’s League – Israel (-2)