Player to Watch: Jackie Carmichael

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Nikos Varlas

26/Mar/15 14:34

Time to establish one more new Eurohoops Trademark column. Yes, it’s all about what you love to read. Turn of the American Jackie Carmichael

By George Orfanakis/

Time to establish one more new Eurohoops Trademark column. Yes, it’s all about what you love to read. We will steadily covering players you need to know and watch. Let’s say we are going to introduce you guys you may haven’t noticed yet but they own the potentials to become well known and successful.

The one and only criterion? To be really capable or ready to present themselves in a higher level according to our perspective.

Name: Jackie Carmichael

Position: PF/C

Nationality: USA
Height: 2.06 m / Weight: 109 kg
Birth Date: Jan. 2, 1990
College: Illinois State
Current team: Maccabi Rishon

College Life

Jackie Carmichael joined the Illinois State back in 2009. He spent 4 seasons of great progress there, graduating with almost double-double numbers (17.4 pts -9.2 reb) and being the best player of the team.

Maccabi RishonPlayer Profile

This season Carmichael is playing basketball in Israel with Maccabi Rishon. This is his second team in Europe as during the last season he played for a while with Bilbao.

Despite being a PF, his big body give him the opportunity to spend some minutes on the floor as C. Strength and athleticism help Jackie Carmichael in both ends of the floor.

He is a solid post defender who can play good defense on and off the ball. His jumping abilities combined with his long arms and the way he uses his big body, help him to make great box outs and grab lots of rebounds.

Offensively, Jackie Carmichael is a player who can offer in many different ways. You can either pass him the ball on the post or use him for PnR plays. His “good hands” and his big body allow him to give strong screens in order to receive the ball and finish to the basket. His positioning is very good and most of times he will be in the right place to ask for the ball and score.

There are some drawbacks on Jackie Carmichael game as well. In offense, it is better for him not to take the ball away from the rim as he is not that good long range shooter and he has problems when putting the ball on the floor. Defensively, it’s not easy for him to follow PF away from the basket because of his slow side steps and the lack of quickness.

Carmichael_dunk (1)


Jackie Carmichael is an excellent character with high work rate. He is 25 years old and he can still work on his weaknesses. As a result, he can find place on the roster of many good teams around Europe.