Yorgos Lanthimos: From the Greek first division to the Oscars

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Oscar nominee director for ‘The Favourite’ Yorgos Lanthimos has more to him than an exceptional eye for cinematography.

By Antigoni Zachari / info@eurohoops.net

Before his love for cinematography became a full-time occupation, Yorgos Lanthimos made a short appearance in the Greek Basketball League. Mind you, in the first division, with Pagkrati BC.

Son of the emblematic Pagkrati basketball department figure, Antonis Lanthimos, the now Oscar nominee followed his father’s footsteps in professional basketball during the 1991-92 season, after being part of the Greek team’s academy for years.

Per basketa.gr, during that season, Lanthimos played in three games, with a not too shabby average of 7 points and 5 rebounds.

His professional involvement with the sport was a complete fluke, as he joined the team after a strike of basketball players back in the day. Despite his love for basketball since he was a kid, he didn’t last long in Pagkrati before moving on to study cinematography and arts, leaving his ‘pro’ career behind, as a fun trivia for his future fans.

Lanthimos, with the rest of the team including current Greek NT coach Thanassis Skourtopoulos and 1997 EuroLeague champion with Olympiacos Efthimis Bakatsias, amongst others.


Photo credit: basketa.gr