A brave decision brings in new hope for Darussafaka

13/Feb/19 12:05 February 13, 2019

Antigoni Zachari

13/Feb/19 12:05


Sometimes, even in a difficult season, there can be a beautiful story. That’s the case of Darussafaka.

By Utkan Şahin /  info@eurohoops.net

As you all know, for Darussafaka Tekfen it’s not an easy season. After the EuroCup title last season, the decrease in the budget changed the profile of the club. This situation is also reflected in the field. When the summer squad was set up, no one had any expectation from them. But things got worse than initially expected and the team had great challenges to overcome.

Of course, this season, just the decrease in the budget is not very accurate to explain the situation. Aside from the skill level, a rather problematic staff was formed in terms of compliance in the field and these mistakes greatly affected Dacka in the court.

Then suddenly, coach Selçuk Ernak took a decision, which was the starting point a new story, by leaving Ray McCallum out of his plans and giving time to the young players of the team. Obviously, this was a very brave decision.

When we asked him about his decision, Selcuk Ernak said: “I think that the Turkish players should be the ones who will bear the important responsibilities of the team. Complementary or main roles are related to their ability, production, and efficiency, not with their origin. I believe that our Turkish players will create a winning team and this team needs them so much. “