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Lefteris Moutis

20/Apr/15 13:53

Eurohoops presents the complete review of the best European leagues (Spanish, Turkish, German, VTB, Adriatic League, Italian and French) this weekend highlighting the Top 5 scorers, the top 5 wins, 5 bad losses, 5 falls and 5 tips

By Lefteris Moutis /

Eurohoops presents the complete review of the best European leagues (Spanish, Turkish, German, VTB, Adriatic League, Italian and French) this weekend highlighting the Top 5 scorers, the top 5 wins, 5 bad losses, 5 falls and 5 tips.

5 Top scorers

haislip eskisehir

1. Marcus Haislip (Eskisehir, Turkey)

30 points (6/6 free throws, 12/14 2ps, 0/2 3ps) in Eskisehir’s victory over Besiktas (82-81)

2. Andy Panko (Fuenlabrada, Spain)

29 points (5/6 free throws, 12/18 2ps, 0/1 3ps) in Fuenlabrada’s victory over Gipuzkoa (86-74)

3. Dejan Ivanov (Caserta, Italy)

28 points (6/9 free throws, 11/15 2ps, 0/1 3ps) in Caserta’s vicory over Avellino (74-70)

4. Sundiata Gaines (Avellino, Italy)

27 points (7/9 free throws, 7/11 2ps, 2/6 3ps) in Avellino’s defeat by Caserta (74-70)

4. Tony Mitchell (Trento, Italy)

27 points (4/4 free throws, 7/15 2ps, 3/7 3ps) in Trento’s defeat by Venezia (80-90)

5 Top Wins

kalinic crvena partizan

Crvena Zvezda vs Partizan 81-73 (Adriatic League)

This was the third break in row in the series and the second for Crvena Zvezda. The winners qualified over Partizan and reached the finals.

Eskisehir vs Besiktas 82-81 (Turkey)

The battle in the relegation zone in the Turkish League is tough and there is a tie among Eskisehir, Tofas and Kolejliler after Eskisehir’s victory over Besiktas in overtime.

PAOK vs Kifisia 62-60 (Greece)

This tough win at the end kept PAOK in the third place of the Greek league as the team feels safe against fourth placed AEK which has also a great winning streak.

Varese vs Sassari 79-71 (Italy)

Varese didn’t feel safe before the game against Sassari, but won one of the best teams in the league and now the team is far away from the relegation zone.

Alba vs Ulm 80-66 (Germany)

Alba Berlin beat easily Ulm on the road and it remains the favorite to finish first and have the absolute home advantage in BEKO BBL playoffs.

5 Bad losses


Gipuzkoa by Fuenlabrada 74-86 (Spain)

Gipuzkoa lost at home in the extra period a great chance to move far away from the relegation zone and Fuenlabrada is still alive thanks to the great game by Panko.

Milano by Capo d’Orlando 57-71 (Italy)

Ok, Milano is for sure first. But the image of the champs during the last two weeks is awful. After the heave loss by Cantu (83-64), Milano lost also by Capo d’Orlando who saved the division.

Reggio Emilia by Pistoia 78-92 (Italy)

This heavy loss by Pistoia pushed Reggio Emilia to the third place of Legabasket a little before the end of the regular season.

Riga by Astana 78-79 (VTB League)

This defeat kept Riga definitely out of the Top 8 and the playoffs of the VTB League. On the other hand, Astana is still alive and the next week will try to overpass Kalev.

Galatasaray by Karsiyaka 70-75 (Turkey)

During the last ten games, Galatasaray won only four of them and is on verge of missing the playoffs.

5 Falls

Dusko is on fire!

Lately the incidents with Dusko Vujosevic being angry are too many! The last one happened after the last Serbian derby, Partizan-Crvena Zvezda outside of the locker rooms.

Panionios and Panelefsiniakos relegated

After 33 years in the first division, Panionios relegated. The historic team didn’t play this weekend (due its game against Olympiacos postponed due to Euroleague’s playoffs) but relegated after Panelfsiniakos’ defeat by Koroivos. Also, Panelefsiniakos relegated after three years…

Bayern is falling down

One more good appearance for Skyliners, this time against Bayern Munich (76-73) and a really great comeback. The champs lost the third out of their last six league games.

The cup final destroyed Apollon

Apollon Patron “targeted” the Greek Cup’s final a long time ago but eventually that game “destroyed” its last two months. Apollon lost the last five games before the lost Final by Panthinaikos and lost the next game, by KAOD (67-63). These six defeats may cost the playoffs.

With Zouros, without Zouros, the result is the same

Elias Zouros left Tofas few days ago, but his ex team lost again, this time by Istanbul BSB (78-85) and is still last together with Eskisehir and Kolejliler.

5 Tips

Honour to Amerikanos, AEK’s legend

AEK decide to retire the jersey of its legend player, Giorgos Amerikanos who died one year ago. The happening was held before the game against Trikala and the atmosphere was emotional.

Congrats for being competitive

Sometimes we must give congratulations to the self-evident. Trier is already in the second division due to its punishment, but is still competitive and wins games. The last one was against Hagen (77-70).

Murcia in its best!

Murcia set new record in victories after its 14th against Gran Canaria and its first participation in the playoffs after 23 years is close

Nicolas the sniper

Nicolas Richotti led Tenerife to a great on road victory vs Bilbao behind the 7/9 threes. This was by far his best shooting (and not scoring) day in his career in Spain.

Pops the king of double-double

Pops Mensah-Bonsu made against Trikala (96-73) his 7th double double digit game in total of 13 games in the Greek league! He’s for sure a player, who deserves more…