EuroLeague: The great school of Argentina

12/May/19 15:20 May 13, 2019


12/May/19 15:20

Facundo Campazzo shined against Panathinaikos and added his name to the list of great Argentinian players who have competed in the EuroLeague. Eurohoops goes back in time and recalls some great players from the Latin American country.

By George Orfanakis/

Talent, passion, guts and audacity are only a few of the elements that make up the profile of players who were born in Argentina and whose journey in basketball led them to the EuroLeague.

Some made history and tried their luck in the NBA, others had a more complementary role, but all of them created some beautiful memories for basketball fans.

Eurohoops presents some of the most important Argentinian players that have competed in the EuroLeague…