The F4 Factors: Sergio Rodriguez

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Aris Barkas

08/May/15 17:23

Eurohoops will select 3 players from each team in the Final Four whose performance we consider crucial regarding how their teams will fare in Madrid! We will present them in 12 different parts, showcasing their role and a… story of theirs

By Nikos Varlas/

Eurohoops will select 3 players from each team in the Final Four whose performance we consider crucial regarding how their teams will fare in Madrid and will present them in 12 different parts. One by one they will “parade” through and we will focus on their role and the reasons they are important.

Why he’s a catalyst

As we saw in our analysis with both the other selections that we made from Real, the trio Sergio, Llull and Rudy, is essentially the queen’s offensive driving force not only in scoring, but also in creation, rhythm, and ultimately in the whole team’s efficiency. The MVP of last year’s Euroleague has a distinction compared to his two fellow leaders. He’s the pure playmaker and clearly the most quality creator in an area in which Real in not powerful, the 5v5 in offense!

The Spanish guard is the most charismatic player in situations in the offensive half court, the player who can best operate the plays in the pick and rolls and the one who has the ability to make the best decisions and best utilize the sideline players and the bigmen, who support the offensive function. This element perhaps makes him the key player for the hosts of the final four!

His role

The section “Why he’s a catalyst” highlights Sergio’s role in the upcoming final four! Pablo Laso is expecting from his player to conduct the team’s offense properly, to provide the right conditions for scoring and to involve all his teammates in the offensive part. At the same time, if everything is not functioning perfectly and Real reaches a tipping point in the semifinal or the final, Rodriguez ‘the brain’ is the one who must define the situation through his decisions and choices. In the last 2 final fours he didn’t make it to the end, but we insist that if Real wins the Euroleague, Segio will very likely prove to be the biggest key, exclusively in offense.

Is he enjoying it?

Sergio Rodriguez had a great season last year on an individual level, with admirable consistency in his productive and fancy game. Everyone who systematically follows Real knows that this year we are not exactly witnessing the same player. His numbers have dropped, in his scoring averages as well as his percentages. Even in the creative part, the queen’s orchestra leader is not in accord with his numbers.

Our feeling is that we are seeing a player that doesn’t have the same positive mentality that he had last year and that he’s not enjoying the game that much. It’s like something is bothering him, like there are some things that have an adverse effect on him and he can’t express in full his real self on the court. Does Sergio take pleasure in his role and in basketball in this year’s Real? We will get a comprehensive answer in one week, on the court of Deportes.