Eurohoops VTB United League All-Star selection

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Aris Barkas

15/Jan/18 12:59

The VTB United League is preparing for the upcoming All-Star Game and Eurohoops was asked to cast a media vote for the All-Star selection. Here are our picks.

By Aris Barkas/

Eurohoops evaluated the performance of each player in the VTB League, however, the candidates were produced by the fans vote and you can see them all here.

Also, in the second edition of the VTB All-Star game, the voting rules for the media are the following.

  1. No more than two players from the same club can be voted in the same All-Star Team. So every club can have up to four All-Stars, two for the Russian and two for the World Team.
  2. The selection for each team was limited to five backcourt and five frontcourt players.

Taking into account those restrictions, here are the Eurohoops picks. In the Russian team, the natural leaders are Alexey Shved and Sergey Karasev, two of the most gifted scorers in Europe. Lokomotiv Kuban and CSKA Moscow are the only teams with two players on the roster and new names like Ivan Ukhov and Petr Gubanov are entering the mix.

In the World team, the restriction of two players from each team left out big names like CSKA Moscow‘s Kyle Hines. On the other hand players like Codi Miller-McIntyre, the best passer in the league, more than deserve to be part of the All-Star team. And in this case, Unics Kazan, Lokomotiv Kuban and CSKA Moscow are represented by two members, something more than natural considering their rosters and also the performance of their stars so far.

Here’s Eurohoops vote for the VTB United League All-Star Game.


Alexey Shved, Guard (Khimki Moscow Region)
Dmitry Khvostov, Guard (Lokomotiv-Kuban)
Dmitry Kulagin, Guard (Lokomotiv-Kuban)
Ivan Ukhov, Guard (Parma)
Anton Ponkrashov, Guard (Unics Kazan)
Sergey Karasev, Forward (Zenit St. Petersburg)
Andrey Vorontsevich, Forward (CSKA Moscow)
Nikita Kurbanov, Forward (CSKA Moscow)
Petr Gubanov, Center (Nizhny Novgorod)
Artem Klimenko, Center (Avtodor)


Quino Colom, Guard (Unics Kazan)
Nando De Colo, Guard (CSKA Moscow)
Sergio Rodriguez, Guard (CSKA Moscow)
Codi Miller-McIntyre, Guard (Parma)
Justin Carter, Guard (Astana)
Mardy Collins, Forward (Lokomotiv-Kuban)
Coty Clarke, Forward (Avtodor)
Drew Gordon, Forward (Zenit St. Petersburg)
Frank Elegar, Center (Lokomotiv-Kuban)
Stephane Lasme, Forward (Unics Kazan)