The Eurohoops Academy Εξέλιξις Α.Σ. puts its signature on camps that make the difference.

The Academy, run by EuroLeague Legends, Dimitris Diamantidis and Theodoros Papaloukas, organizes in its state-of-the-art facilitiessmall basketball fiestas that kids will never forget, in every school break.

The modern training programs, specialized exercises and enjoyable games that the coaches supervise, help young athletes learn the secrets of basketball and, mainly, to work together. After all, success comes through teamwork, as the academy’s directors and their famous guests – such as the NBA’s Greek Freak, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Olympiacos’s captain, Vassilis Spanoulis – tell the young athletes at every opportunity.

Christmas Camp

The Eurohoops Dome was filled with kids from every corner of the country for the Christmas Camp, which enthralled them on every level.

In fact, the kids showed great interest in the ball-handling exercises that the accomplished coach at the academy level, Konstantinos Meletis, showed them.

However, the magic for the young ones as well as the older oneshappenedwhen Theodoros Papaloukas and Dimitris Diamantidis stepped on the court. That’s when the parents started recording with their phones from the Dome’s café, when the cameras started flashing on the balcony and,especially, when the adrenaline on the court started to increase spectacularly.

Easter Camp

During Easter, the facilities of the Eurohoops Academy Εξέλιξις Α.Σ. in Kifissia became the meeting point for young athletes not only from every part of the country, but also from Greeks living abroad.

The Academy’s Head Coach, Konstantinos Stamatis, had designed such an interesting three-part training program that the kids loved it. The specialized ball handling exercises, the moves facing the basket or in the post, and mostly the three-day Shooting Camp, gave young athletes the opportunity to properly learn the fundamentals of basketball in order to develop their skills.

Summer Camp

The kids could not believe their eyes as they watchedthe successive surprises that Theodoros Papaloukas and Dimitris Diamantidis had prepared for them in the Summer Camp. First, the exuberant Kostas Papanikolaou visited the young athletes, then it was the brilliant Vassilis Spanoulis and, in the end, the great Giannis Antetokounmpo!

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