The Eurohoops Dome is an ideal destination for companies that are looking for a truly unique venue to host their events and get their message across successfully.

The state-of-the-art facilities of the Eurohoops Dome as well as its trained staff guarantee theabsolute success of the corporate event you have in mind.

The brand new, well-equipped and high safetystandards spaces, combined with the experience of the Eurohoops Dome’s staff, offer your company such flexibilityin regards to the realization of the event, that the achievement of the final objective is considered a given.

We look forward to showing youfrom up close all the spaces of the newly-built Eurohoops Dome so that you can choose the ones you would like to book for your corporate event.

The state-of-the-art facilities of the Eurohoops Dome and its trained staff will provide a multidimensional experience, whereby your company’s message will get across in themost clear fashion, fully satisfying the objective of the event, since youhave the opportunity to check all the detailspertaining to branding placement and the readjustment of the premises.

Of key importance forthe success of corporate events is the media plan we offer, utilizing the marketability of to support the communication of the event.

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