The Eurohoops Dome gives you the opportunity to learn the art of shooting through an innovative training program, under the guidance of the Euroleague legend Dimitris Diamantidis!

The prestigious Greek shooter takes the ball in his hands again EVERY Wednesday at the Eurohoops Dome (Eurotra 24, Kifissia) to share the technical and psychological elements that make the great shooters stand out!

If you want to enjoy this ultimate experience, please sign up at +30 697 665 7584 or e-mail

* Spots are limited and strict priority will be maintained

Shooting Days: A specialized program that will take your game to the next level!

The Eurohoops Dome breaks new ground by giving all young athletes the chance to learn the secrets of the art of shooting from the Head Coach of the Eurohoops Academy Εξέλιξις Α.Σ., Konstantinos Stamatis, and his colleagues.

In a 60-minute training session every week, athletes aged 9 years or over practice on the technique and mechanics of execution. This is an innovative program that offers players of all clubs, not just the Eurohoops Academy Εξέλιξις Α.Σ., the opportunity to learn the little secrets that make great shooters. After all, Konstantinos Stamatis’s training sessions include everything: from receiving the ball and footwork, to finishes.

“Shooting Days” take place every Wednesday and Sunday throughout the year. In the training sessions, young athletes work with the coach exclusively on their shooting, on one basket in a group of six, and they truly enjoy it! And that’s because they can see the results soon after…

Shooting Days 2019-20 Schedule

Wednesday (with the guidance of Dimitris Diamantidis): 18:00 – 19:00 & 19:00 – 20:00

Cost: 30€ (20€ for Eurohoops Academy Εξέλιξις Α.Σ. athletes)

Sunday: 18:00 – 19:00

Cost: 15€ (10€ for Eurohoops Academy Εξέλιξις Α.Σ. athletes)

Contact phone number: +30 697 665 7584



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