Individual training sessions with the Head Coach of the Eurohoops Academy, Konstantinos Stamatis, in the Academy’s state-of-the-art facilities, are an ally of all talented players in their effort to get to the top.

The Eurohoops Dome, faithful to its principles, wishes to offer high-quality services through its “Eurohoops Development” program. So, it chose the Head Coach of the Eurohoops Academy, Konstantinos Stamatis, to lead the individual training sessions, making available to anyone who is interested his many years of expertise.

The “Eurohoops Development” program

The “Eurohoops Development” is targeted at athletes who love basketball and aspire to broaden their prospects of growing in the field.

Konstantinos Stamatis and his coaching staff have the experience and the knowledge to help the athlete improve the speed and technique of execution of every basic skill in order to raise his/her level and be better equipped in his/her effort to achieve his/her goals.

There is always room for improvement. A standardized training method that is adapted to each athlete’s level ensures the greatest possible development.

The mind plays an equally central role as the athlete’spresence on the court, with elements such as ethics, attitude, self-discipline and personal commitment. After all, basketball is a mental sport, as you have to manage successive stimuli in a very short period of time. Thus, “Eurohoops Development” prepares the athlete with the help of specialized programs and a process of systematic work, multiple stimuli and a progressively increasing workload.

Individual training sessions

The individual training program of the “Eurohoops Development” is designed according to the needs of each athlete. The purpose of this process is, first of all, to highlight their strengths and, secondly, to improve their weaknesses to such an extent that they become skills.

One hour of teaching time, with particular emphasis on details, is provided in individual training sessions. Athletes from 10 years of age or older can take part in the program, in groups of 3-5 people, depending on their age and coaching characteristics.

Emphasis is placed on elements of the game such as dribbling, shooting and finishing, and, at the same time, multiple ‘one-on-one’ situations are created so that the athlete can practice on his/her skills in conjunction with their decision-making. Essentially, conditions of competition and cooperation are created so that the player will be able to read the game as well as possible.


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