The café of the Eurohoops Dome makes quite an impression with its elegance and itdoes not disappoint, offering healthy products that contribute to the wellbeing of younger and older visitors.

The Eurohoops Dome Café is becoming a benchmark in the wider area thanks to its quality products and the excellent service it provides.

From 08:00 until 20:00, one phone call at 210 8002951 is enough for anyone who would like an invigorating coffee, a healthy snack, a light meal, an isotonic drink or a soft drink. The menu is endless. With one click, however, everything can become available.

Of course, the experience of visiting the Eurohoops Dome is like no other. The café is open all day at the entrance of the property. Totally in line with the entire project’s direction, it offers products that follow the philosophy of Wellness and Healthy Living. When circumstances demand it, in fact, the café has the capacity to offer catering services, a key contribution to the success of parties and corporate events. The space has full accessibility for people with disabilities.

In the air-conditioned area of the café there are screens showing basketball games. It is ideal for groups of friends who like to spend their evenings watching major sporting events in a purely basketball environment.

In addition, the sound and microphone installations work perfectly not only for the speakers of seminars, who make use of them all the time, but also the professionals who use them when the area of the café is connected to the hall for the needs of corporate events.

The rare sensation that visitors of the Eurohoops Dome have when, even though they are sitting at the café they think they are on the court, ispleasurable. This enables relatives and friends of those playing to enjoy watching them at all times, whilesavoring their beverages in a truly pleasant environment.

Contact number: 210 8002951

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