The Eurohoops Dome is an ideal choice for companies that wish to offer high-level, well-organized basketball tournaments.

The trained staff of the Eurohoops Dome is able to materialize any idea that companies and clubs may have, organizing in its state-of-the-art facilities tournaments that will cover the needs of even their most demanding employee.

The FIBA-certified court of the Eurohoops Dome, the brand new cooling and heating air-conditioning system of the facilities, the permanent presence of first-aid rescuers on the sidelines, the modern locker rooms and the Dome’s stylish café, all promise a tournament that the participants will never forget.

The trained staff, which has the experience of providing solutions for every situation, guarantees the success of gamesat the Eurohoops Dome.

Would you like to play in 3-on-3, 4-on-4 and/or 5-on-5 tournaments? We can organize it. We are able to prepare the format and program from Day 1 all the way up to the final of the playoffs, to appoint referees and judges and take care of every detail. We have the experience to coordinatethe tournament from start to finish and, in this way, we give participants the chance to enjoy undisturbed every moment of the game in a great environment.

Contact number: 697 167 1114

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