Mathias Lessort will be internally sanctioned by Partizan

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Cesare Milanti

14/Mar/23 15:32

After the post-game brawl with Filip Petrusev, Mathias Lessort will be sanctioned by the black-and-white team

By Eurohoops Team/

Following the Belgrade derby win by Partizan Belgrade, Mathias Lessort attacked Filip Petrusev, causing Zeljko Obradovic to publicly apologize and Crvena Zvezda to release an official request about the suspension of the 27-year-old French center, who dropped 27 points and 8 rebounds in the victory.

As the official statement says, Mathias Lessort will be sanctioned: The incident that happened at the end of the match between Mathias Lessort and Filip Petrusev is something that happens on sports fields, but we believe that our player’s reaction was inappropriate and too hasty. Regardless of what was coming from the other side, a Partizan player must not react in that way and the club will, in accordance with the internal disciplinary regulations signed by all players, implement the prescribed procedure with Mathias”.

“Certainly, Partizan Mozzart Bet will do everything to ensure that its players never take part in incidents again and, regardless of whether they are provoked or not, always be an example of sportsmanship and chivalry. KK Partizan Mozzart Bet appeals to the public to show some understanding of the heated passions on the sports field. As a club, we understand the desire of Lessort, Petrusev, and several other guys who sparked last night, but we want everything to remain within the framework of fair play in the future, both physically and verbally”, the official statement continues.

Partizan Belgrade called out its fans for their behavior as well. “The faithful support of the fans is the Club’s pride and it unequivocally makes Partizan unique in the world. However, things were seen and heard in Stark Arena last night that have no place in sports arenas. Ugly words and throwing objects onto the field are not something that Partizan Mozzart Bet stands for and the Club will certainly conduct an investigation to determine who threw what onto the floor”, the statement says.