Alimpijevic mad with journalist: “Where are you from? What’s your name?”

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13/Apr/18 23:16

A question during the press conference irritated the Crvena Zvezda head coach.

By Stefan Djordjevic/ 

Buducnost VOLI defended their home court in the third game of the ABA League Finals and once again lead (2-1) in the series against Crvena Zvezda mts Belgrade.

During the press conference after the game, Red Star head coach Dusan Alimpijevic tried to remain as calm and optimistic as possible after a heartbreaking finale and his team’s defeat, but one question in particular “struck a nerve”.

It all started after the coach was asked: “Are you aware that the majority of the basketball public in this region would like for Buducnost to win tomorrow and see the end of the domination of the club which you represent?”

Alimpijevic was pretty shocked and surprised, replying: “For Buducnost to win?”

After the journalist confirmed the question the following dialogue took place:

“Of course, I don’t have that impression. Where are you from? Are you from Montenegro or…?”

“From Subotica”

“From Subotica?! And you from Subotica think that people expect more for Buducnost to win the title? In Subotica?”, the coach asked after visibly being shocked.

“I am sure of it. It’s not that I think, I’m sure of it.”

“Man, I worked in Spartak Subotica and you ask me that question.”

“I know that.”

“Dude, it’s not a problem if you don’t root for Crvena Zvezda, but do you know what country you are coming from?”

“I am just asking if you are aware.”

“And I ask you if you are aware which country you are coming from man?! You, from Subotica ask me if i am aware that people in subotica and serbia excpect Buducnost to win the title. It’s not about life or death here.  What’s your name, excuse me please, I want to remember your name.”

“No need to introduce myself, i just asked a question.”

After getting interrupted by the host and already asked another question, Alimpijevic turned around for one final comment: “You are a car, i swear”, the coach said sarcastically.