ABA League President: Olympiacos can join only if the existing clubs grant consent

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Antigoni Zachari

06/May/19 17:35


Olympiacos has expressed the wish to leave the Greek League in order to join ABA next season and President Igor Dodik clarifies that this can happen only if the rest of the clubs consent.

By Antigoni Zachari / info@eurohoops.net

Olympiacos‘ season is ending this Wednesday, as the team will forfeit the last regular season game in the Greek League against Promitheas Patras – a protest to the Greek central refereeing committee appointing Panagiotis Anastopoulos as one of the game’s referees.

With that in mind and the upcoming relegation of the Reds to the Second Division in Greece, their participation in ABA League next year has to grant consent from the existing clubs, President Igo Dodik mentioned in an interview with Alternativna TV.

Olympiacos can join the ABA league, but only if the clubs gave their consent. We will discuss their request at the ABA League Assembly that will be held on May 24 in Banja Luka and then we will know if the club will be able to play in the ABA league. I think that for the ABA league it would be good to get a new market in every respect, but also for new audience. We all know that Olympiacos is a great European basketball team. However, I do not decide about it, the clubs are making a decision. Everything will be known after the meeting”, said Dodik.

A few days prior, Partizan President Ostoja Mijailovic mentioned that a minimum condition of Olympiacos joining ABA would be a three-year commitment.

In the meantime, Olympiacos has talked with the league management as well as the other clubs and remains on hold until the upcoming Assembly later this month.