Stoudemire: “I didn’t intend to hurt the officials’ feelings or show disrespect”

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Antonis Stroggylakis

26/Feb/17 19:59

An official statement plus a new… rather interesting Instagram post.

By Antonis Stroggylakis/

After lashing out against Israeli referees via a rather angry Instagram post, Amare Stoudemire issued a statement clarifying that he didn’t mean to “hurt the official’s feelings” or “show any disrespect to them.”

The statement is as follows:

“It has been brought to my attention that a complaint was registered against me due to my post on Instagram after our game in Eilat, and that if I fail to submit an apology, I will be up for disciplinary hearing.

I did not intend to to hurt the officials’ feelings or to show any disrespect to them. 

They carry out a very difficult job and I appreciate that. 

All of us players need their protection and I am confident that they will do their best to protect us.


Amare Stoudemire”

The Hapoel Jerusalem center has deleted said controversial Instagram post. In its place, there is now a rather different message (but with the same picture of a lion… stalking someone/something) through which Stoudemire expresses his frustration with the way opponents play against him, basically calling them out for unsportsmanlike behavior on the floor.

When it comes to referees, the former NBA star now writes that, “it’s their job to call the game”. He adds,”it’s not easy, because there is so much action going on throughout the game”, in harmony with the spirit of the above statement.

Stoudemire finishes his post, saying “Let’s make Israeli League the best in Europe” and… “I’m still watching”.

ABOUT LAST NIGHT !! Every since my very 1st game here in Israel, most of the opposing Teams/Players have attacked me with excruciating cheap shots, low blows, elbows, took my knee out from under me, to the point where I was injured which I’m still feeling the pain from that game. (3 months ago) I’m receiving warnings before every game about players that are going to try to provoke me, “be careful”, “don’t worry about the officiating, because they may not call it”. Who wants to play that way, adding extra stress.??? We as players Should have to only focus on playing basketball ?. The officials job is to call the game, it’s not a easy job because there is so much action going on throughout the game. That’s why there are 3 refs to watch the court at all times. The officials can be like extra coaches for both teams by explaining the rules or giving them warnings ⚠️ when the player is out of line, which will help improve the game of basketball here in Israel. I don’t want to get hurt playing this beautiful game. The game I love ❤️, for the City I love ❤️, and for the Team I love ❤️ and for the Fans I love ❤️. Let’s make Israel the best basketball league in Europe. P.S. I’m Still Watching !!

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