Bayern Munich won’t have Vladimir Lucic and Othello Hunter in the BBL playoffs

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Cesare Milanti

05/May/23 15:39

Andrea Trinchieri won’t have two of his best players in the Bundesliga

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Bayern Munich will play the Bundesliga Playoffs starting on May 16, but Andrea Trinchieri will have to try to win the German championships with the concurrency of Telekom Baskets Bonn and ALBA Berlin without two of the team’s best players: Vladimir Lucic and Othello Hunter.

As officially announced by the Bavarian side on its website, in fact, Vladimir Lucic injured his left hand in a fall shortly before the end of the home game against Bamberg three weeks ago”. As appeared, “the captain of the Serbian national team initially seemed to be plannable again, but the injury proved to be too stubborn and now, after consultation with specialists, making surgery is necessary”, the statement continued.

For Othello Hunter, the American 36-year-old center last appeared for Bayern in early March” and “it is not foreseeable that there will be no cure for his severe herniated disc”. Moreover, due to an Achilles tendon injury, “Augustine Rubit has also not been available since the cup weekend in mid-February”, the press release also added.

Bayern Munich will play the last game of the Bundesliga Regular Season against Oldenburg on Sunday, but they locked the 3rd position in the standings, waiting for their opponent. From next season, Pablo Laso will sit on Bayern Munich’s bench, inking a three-year deal with the German team.

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