German league playoffs are set

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Antonis Stroggylakis

01/May/17 18:02

The German League regular season was completed without any surprises in the last Gameday and now the course is set for the playoffs.

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After beating Tubingen (7-25) on the road, Ratiopharm Ulm won first place of in the regular season with an impressive record of 30 – 2 (!) and will savor the fruits of that long labor by owning home-court advantage for the entirety of the playoffs. Their first opponent will be Ludwigsburg (17 – 15) that lost to Alba Berlin on the road.

Coach Andrea Trinchieri used heavy rotation in the victory of Brose Bamberg (29-3) over Science City Jena (11-21) with 19-year-0ld Arnoldas Kulboka grabbing the opportunity and scoring 13 points and 5 rebounds in his German league debut.

Bonn is the squad that will face the defending champs in the first round of the playoffs following their home defeat by Oldenburg (18-14).  Thanks to this win, the latter avoided a series with powerful Brose Bamberg and will instead face Medi Bayreuth (22-10).

Bayern Munich (28-4) and Alba Berlin (18-14) proceeded with wins before facing each other in the quarterfinals as third and sixth respectively, for a long series of a classic championship match-up.

Meawhile, Rasta Vechta is the club that follows Phoenix Hagen to the second division.

PLAYOFF PAIRS (photo via @albaberlin)

German BBL 2016/2017 – Week 34

Bayern Munich – Giessen 46ers 110 – 60

Alba Berlin – Ludwigsburg 86 – 76

Bremerhaven – Rasta Vechta 93 – 74

Science City Jena – Brose Bamberg 61 – 74

Bonn – Oldenburg 72 – 86

Gottingen – Braunschweig 100 – 98

Ratiopharm Ulm – Tubingen 87 – 72

s. Oliver Wuzburg – Medi Bayreuth 82 – 72