Betting Trends: Efficiency in the Euroleague and the NBA

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John Rammas

20/Apr/23 12:09

Efficiency, the ability of a basketball team or player to score points using the fewest possible possessions, has become a crucial concept in the world of basketball analytics.

This metric not only considers scoring production but also takes into account preventing turnovers and gaining extra possessions through offensive rebounds. Efficiency has risen to the top of basketball analytics in recent years, inspiring new tactics and game trends.

Two of the most well-known basketball leagues in the world are the NBA and the Euroleague, and both have seen substantial improvements in terms of efficiency. Regardless of whether you are an experienced basketball bettor or a novice to the world of Euroleague and NBA odds, understanding these tendencies can offer helpful insights to help enhance betting methods and optimize winnings.

Interpreting Odds

There’s a variety of betting options available on the NBA odds page on online sportsbook, Bodog. Let’s consider the Atlanta Hawks vs. Miami Heat matchup as an example, where the spread is +5/-5 and the win odds are +180/-220. You must first comprehend the concept of the point spread in order to appreciate odds. In this example, given that the Hawks are starting with a 5-point edge and the Heat are starting with a 5-point deficit, the point spread in this matchup is +5/-5. The Hawks must either win the game outright or suffer a loss of no more than 5 points in order to cover the spread and pay off the wager. For your gamble on the Heat to win and cover the spread, they must do so by a margin of at least 6 points.

Understanding odds enables you to make wise choices and increase your winnings. In the Atlanta Hawks vs. Miami Heat matchup, for instance, the Hawks are the underdogs and could net you $180 on a $100 wager, while the Heat are the favorites and could win you $220 on a $100 bet.

But winning bets involve more than just playing the odds. Your chances of winning can be further increased by being aware of professional basketball’s efficiency trends. We’ll look at some of the most significant efficiency trends in the NBA and Euroleague in the section that follows. Insights into the advantages and disadvantages of various teams can be gained by keeping an eye on these trends, which will enable you to place bets with greater knowledge.

Efficiency in Professional Basketball

In basketball, efficiency metrics gauge a team’s or a player’s capacity to score goals with the fewest possible possessions or shots. The NBA and Euroleague both use an efficiency metric that evaluates a player’s total impact on the game while also taking turnovers and field goal attempts into account. Considerable emphasis is placed on metrics including scoring, rebounding, assists, steals, and blocks.

Efficiency, often referred to as the Performance Index Rating (PIR), is calculated as follows:

PIR = (Points + Rebounds + Assists + Steals + Blocks + Fouls Drawn) – (Missed Field Goals + Missed Free Throws + Turnovers + Shots Rejected + Fouls Committed

The methods utilized by the two leagues to gauge effectiveness, however, are relatively different. Whereas the NBA effectiveness formula is decided per game, the Euroleague effectiveness formula is decided per minute. This is because NBA games are longer, with four 12-minute quarters, whereas Euroleague games only option four 10-minute quarters.

Additionally, the Euroleague weights each contributing statistic equally, while the NBA uses different weightings for each statistic. For example, in the NBA, points are weighted more heavily than rebounds or assists in the efficiency calculation. Nevertheless, efficiency is a useful tool for comparing players and teams across different leagues.

Efficiency analysis is becoming increasingly common as teams place a greater emphasis on scoring effectively to win games. As teams now place a greater emphasis on scoring effectively to win games, efficiency analysis is becoming more common. The increase in attempted three-point shots across both conferences is a key factor driving this trend. In five years, the Euroleague saw an increase in three-point attempts per game, from 18.8 to 23.6, while in the NBA the same stat rose from 27.0 to 34.7.

The growing significance of ball and player movement is another factor influencing the use of efficiency statistics in both leagues. Multiple players moving around the court while passing the ball in offensive sets make it more difficult for defenses to hold their positions. As a result, offensive performances have improved, and game scores have increased.

How Efficiency Affects Basketball Betting

Efficiency can influence basketball betting in a variety of ways. Teams that are more efficient on offense tend to cover the point spread better in the Euroleague, often by a larger margin. Point spread betting is a popular market, and efficient teams, such as FC Barcelona, are often the favorites.

In the NBA, on the other hand, bookmakers favor highly efficient teams in moneyline betting markets. For example, even against strong opponents, the Utah Jazz, one of the most efficient teams in the 2020-21 season, were frequently favored in moneyline betting markets.

Efficiency also plays a vital role in determining the total number of points scored in a game. Because bookmakers anticipate high-efficiency teams to score more points, NBA games involving those teams typically have higher totals. For instance, during the 2020–21 season, games involving the Brooklyn Nets had high totals due to their high offensive effectiveness.

In-play betting is growing more popular in both the Euroleague and the NBA, and efficiency has a direct impact on in-play betting trends. For example, if a highly efficient team begins a game slowly and falls behind early, gamblers may be more willing to place betting on them in in-play markets, anticipating a comeback and improved efficiency.

Other Variables to Betting Success

Aside from the significance of studying a number of different statistical variables besides efficiency, factors like home court advantage, schedule, and injuries all have an effect on betting trends as well. For instance, smaller venues foster an atmosphere that is more intense and intimidating for rival teams, which frequently results in home teams in the Euroleague having a greater advantage than in the NBA. Conversely, the NBA features much larger arenas, which can make it more challenging for home teams to gain a sizable advantage.

Gamblers need to do their homework and take these things into account in order to place wise bets. If a team played on the road against a team with a sizable home court advantage, for instance, its efficiency advantage might be offset by the support of the home crowd. A team’s chances to win can therefore be better understood by taking into account other influential factors in addition to the insights provided by efficiency ratings.

The More You Know

Efficiency has emerged as a key component in basketball, inspiring new trends and approaches in studying both the NBA and the Euroleague. Understanding these trends can help gamblers make better betting decisions and increase their win rate. The number of variables that bettors should take into account when placing wagers, including injuries, matchups, and home-court advantage, often outweigh the importance of efficiency when predicting outcomes.

A team’s chances can be more fully understood by looking at many factors and considering efficiency statistics. In order to make educated selections and improve their chances of winning, bettors must keep up with these trends and components as the world of basketball develops.